Our Heritage

The Maliban journey began in the early twentieth century. A young lad from the south of Ceylon, as the country was then known, came to Colombo in search of greener pastures. Angulugaha Gamage Hinnyappuhamy started his simple tea kiosk on the First Cross Street in Colombo. The tireless efforts of the young man succeeded and in 1935 he opened Maliban Hotel at 62, Maliban Street in Pettah. Soon he was joined by his brothers, A G Wickramapala and A G Jinadasa to manage the fast growing business. With the success of the hotel, Hinnyappuhamy expanded his business by starting his own artisan bakery in Kotahena. Products with superior quality and taste served to the customers increased the demand. Soon demand exceeded the supply. A decision was taken to install a mechanized manufacturing process and in August 1954 the country’s first mechanized biscuit manufacturing facility started operations. Over the next few years the unique taste of Maliban biscuits conquered the taste buds of connoisseurs of confectionary.

Maliban biscuits became an extremely popular product and a trusted brand name. In the 1960s with continuous growth of the business the company moved to a spacious site in Ratmalana, just south of Colombo. A new factory with modern semi-automatic manufacturing processes was built, ensuring consistent product quality and high levels of food safety. The factory was expanded and upgraded continuously over the years embracing modern technology. Even today it is recognized as one of the best biscuit manufacturing facilities in Asia. Maliban started exporting biscuits in the mid-sixties. Over the years, Maliban biscuits have come to be accepted as a quality product in many countries. Maliban also overcame the competition from the influx of international brands from the early 80’s through sheer product quality and consistency. Our founder’s principle that we should deliver uncompromised quality and taste to our consumers at all times in Maliban products has kept the Maliban flag flying high over the last six decades.

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